What's Happening?

"LIFT UP HIS NAME" Reaches TOP 20 of Singing News Reporting Station! 

We are thrilled to announce that Lift Up His Name has debuted on a Singing News charting station in Georgia in the TOP 20!  Thank you ALL for calling and requesting this great song written by Dianne Wilkinson and Jeff Ferguson.  Thank you also, DJ's for playing our music.  We love you all SO much!

We can't wait to see what God has in store for this project in the coming year.  Praying for many blessings and for lives to be transformed!  Be encouraged friends!  God still makes a way for those who are called according to His purpose.  Rejoice and Lift Up His Name!  Merry Christmas!!

IT'S HERE!! - "COUNT IT ALL JOY" is available NOW! 

The long-awaited time has come!  "COUNT IT ALL JOY" is now available!  All pre-ordered copies have been shipped and are on their way.  It is our prayer that you are all blessed by the message God gave us to prepare for you.  Friends, things are going to happen.  Stuff will get in the way.  Heartache and troubles are a part of life.  However, it's how we handle those setbacks that defines us.  The Bible tells us in James 1:2-4 that we are to "...Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing."  Friend, whatever your journey on this earth leads you to, just know that you do not have to walk it alone.  His Holy Spirit will guide you and protect you when you seek Him.  He will see you through.  Just keep your trust in Him and His promises.  He will never let you fall!

CD's are available for only $15.00 + shipping & handling.  Just click on the "STORE" tab above to place your order NOW. 

"EVER SINCE THAT WONDERFUL DAY" has hit radio across the country! 

Soul Purpose Quartet has released a new radio single of a great old song written by Squire Parsons called "Ever Since That Wonderful Day."  This is a very joyful song that encourages the listener to recall the day they were saved and the magnificent transformation that has taken place in their life since that time.  It's so important to remember how the Lord Jesus Christ came into your life and what work knowing and accepting Him has done in your life.  If you are in a place where you can't say things have been different ever since that wonderful day, then friend, we encourage you to click on the "JESUS" tab above and allow us to share with you the mercy and grace found in knowing Jesus Christ not only as a figure from history, but to begin a relationship with Him as your savior, redeemer and friend.

Please continue to call your local Christian Radio station and request "Ever Since That Wonderful Day" by Soul Purpose Quartet from the JUMP 4 Compilation, Track 2.  With all of the terrible things going on in the world at this time, it is refreshing to be reminded that Jesus Christ saves and upon knowing Him, your life will never be the same.

"What He Was Dying To Say" continues to climb Christian Radio charts across the nation! 

As we considered what song we should release to radio, we prayed for direction and sought Godly wisdom from friends in the industry, and it was confirmed that this great song, "What He Was Dying To Say," written by Bill Burns, was perfect to release at this time.  With all the turmoil we see every day in the news, it is SO important to share with the world a message of love.  We must continue to share who Christ is, what He came to do and what He was trying to tell us through His sacrifice on the cross.  We wanted to share that forgiveness, mercy and grace are STILL available to all who will receive it through Jesus Christ our Lord!  Praise GOD!  "It was not three old rusty nails that kept Him hanging there."  Thank you, God!  Rather, it was His immense love for each of us that kept Him there on that old rugged cross!  He still LOVES!  He still FORGIVES!  He still SAVES!

Be sure to call and request this great song from Soul Purpose Quartet!  If you are on Facebook, go to our Facebook page and SHARE the links/videos of this great message with all of your friends!  People need to know "What He Was Dying To Say!"


That's right!  We are officially scheduled to head back to Crossroads Studios in June to record the vocals on our newest project, "Count It All Joy!"  This BRAND NEW project contains ALL ORIGINAL, never before released songs with a great message of hope and perseverance.  We have been blessed to connect with some of THE BEST award-winning songwriters in Southern Gospel Music today such as Dianne Wilkinson, Marty Funderburk and Matt Rankin.  We have even included a song penned by our very own, Misty Clapsaddle, which is sure to bless and encourage you.

PLEASE partner in prayer with us over this new project!  One thing we have learned over years of recording music geared to ministry is that the enemy will try everything possible to keep anointed music from reaching its full potential.  Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be engulfed in this new project and that it will reach all of its intended destinations in the hearts of men, women, children and the music industry as a whole.  Pray that it will grant HOPE to those whoa re lost, that people will meet Jesus through the songs and that through it all God will be glorified!

"Count It All Joy" is scheduled to release to the public in the late summer/early fall of 2016!  Reserve your copy today by clicking here!

"In My Robe of White" in #1 Spot on Georgia Radio's New Releases Chart! 

We are thrilled to share with you that we have been notified our latest radio release "In My Robe of White" has made it to the #1 spot on a prominent Singing News reporting station's New Releases Chart in GEORGIA!  We can't be more excited to see how this great song written by Geniece Spencer Ingold has made an impact with listeners yet again.  This is our first #1 on any chart and we give God all of the glory.  Without Him none of this would be possible and without His Son Jesus dying on the cross to save our sins and restore us to a right relationship with God, we wouldn't have the promises this great song talks about!  Thank you for listening and requesting this fantastic song!  Keep calling your local Christian radio (and internet) stations and requesting "In My Robe of White" by Soul Purpose Quartet.  We love you ALL!


Soul Purpose has announced the NATIONAL RELEASE of a BRAND NEW SINGLE to Christian Radio - "In My Robe of White"  This great song is a mover and a shaker with an exciting message celebrating the joy we will have when we are called to our Heavenly home.

"It's gonna be a wonderful time when I get to the other side.  I'll see my loved ones gone before.  We'll depart from them no more.  We'll be walking on the streets of gold, surrounded by riches untold.  ...  In my robe of white, I will fly away to that land so fair.  I'll meet my Jesus there.  It will be so grand when I get to that land.  In my robe of white, I will fly away!"

Church, it's time to get excited about the promises of God and share them with everyone you meet.  Let the joy of knowing Christ be VISIBLE in you!  SPQT would be honored if you would call your local Christian radio stations and request their brand new single..."In My Robe of White" as part of the J.U.M.P. Compilation - Vol. 2.  May God receive all of the glory!


On Wednesday, March 18th Singing News Magazine released to the public their TOP TEN listing for the Singing News Fan Awards.  That evening we were notified that Soul Purpose Quartet has received the following Fan Favorite nomination:  FAVORITE NEW TRADITIONAL QUARTET!

We are so blessed that the Lord has granted to us the tremendous opportunity to see how the seed we have scattered and planted for Him is making a difference.  We are humbled and incredibly grateful to be counted among so many “greats” nominated along with us as well as those who were also nominated, but not necessarily named in the Top Ten.  What an awesome privilege to even be nominated...and it's all because of YOU!  Without the votes of you, our listeners, this would not have been possible.

Each group named or not, is doing whatever possible to share with others the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Soul Purpose Quartet is no exception.  Our name is derived from that calling...Your Soul is Our Purpose!

In all sincerity, we thank you not only for the nomination, but for supporting us on a day to day basis as we go forward to share with this lost and sick world that Jesus lives and there is redemption from sin.  Thank you also to our DJ friends for playing our music and providing an avenue for listeners who may never have otherwise heard the gospel message to find salvation through Jesus Christ!  Without Him we have nothing and gain nothing.  So THANK YOU, each and every one of you for believing in this ministry and supporting Southern Gospel Music!

REMEMBER US AS THE VOTING CONTINUES...There are 3 rounds of voting for the Singing News Fan Awards.  This means we will need you to keep on praying and voting for Soul Purpose Quartet to reach the TOP FIVE and if God sees fit, to be the recipient of the Singing News Fan "Favorite New Traditional Quartet."  Remember: ONLY SINGING NEWS SUBSCRIBERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE!

If you already subscribe to Singing News Magazine, you will be notified of how to cast your ballots through the magazine.  Please follow those directions and, if you feel led to do so, we would be honored if you would remember "Soul Purpose" when voting under the category for Favorite New Traditional Quartet!

If you do not currently subscribe to Singing News Magazine and want to show your support of this ministry by voting for Soul Purpose, go to
www.singingnews.com and subscribe!  A  yearly subscription to Singing News Magazine (12 issues) is pretty inexpensive at only $25.00.  (If you wish to receive the digital version it's even less expensive at only $15.00.)  You will receive information about all of your favorite southern gospel groups, upcoming gospel concerts and cruises, recipes for some great southern cooking, and many other wonderful articles which we know are sure to bless you!

If you are a little less successful at navigating the computer, but do well with a phone, you can always contact Singing News Magazine's Customer Service at 1-800-527-5226.  They will walk you through the process of obtaining a subscription right over the phone.  They have a great group of people working over there.  Oh, and if you would mention Soul Purpose Quartet is one of your favorite groups when you subscribe, we'd sure appreciate it!


Soul Purpose Quartet is honored to announce it has been contacted by Singing News Columnist, Shelia Heil (wife of the nationally recognized Paul Heil of "The Gospel Greats" radio program) regarding a feature spot in her column, "Northern Notes" for the March 2015 issue.  This is a tremendous opportunity for us to share how God has moved for us and to share with others our ministry.  We give God the praise and thank Him for this wonderful blessing.  Be looking for us in the Northern Notes section of Singing News Magazine this March!  To God be the Glory!


Soul Purpose Quartet is embarking on wonderful new adventures!  On January 30th, we are releasing to radio as a new single, "Bought With A Price!"  We have also agreed to partner with a new promotions ministry, J.U.M.P. (Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions) owned and operated by our close ministry friends, Darren Lore and The Lore Family.  You are all aware our main goal is to bring the lost to a relationship with Jesus and this is a wonderful way to reach even MORE souls for Jesus!  We are SO EXCITED about what the Lord is about to do!  Please remember us and those affiliated with this new promotional venture in prayer and ask the Lord to move according to his plan.