Kevin Cremeans

Kevin Cremeans is the newest addition to Soul Purpose and is doing a fantastic job at bringing in those great bottom-end bass notes for us.  Kevin is originally from Springfield, Ohio where his father and sister still reside.  He then moved to the Lima, Ohio area where he lived for 24 years before being led by the Lord to the Washington Courthouse, Ohio area.  Kevin and his beautiful wife, Jan have lived there since 2010 along with their grandson, Josh.  (Hint:  You will probably see Jan helping to manage our table and Josh assisting with the heavy lifting.  Say "Hi!" when you can.)

Kevin and his family attend Heritage Memorial Church there in Washington Courthouse and have one dog that his wife wishes was small enough to be a "lap dog".  They have been blessed with 6 children between the two of them, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.  They're a regular "Brady Bunch" of fun.  Haha!  What a joy it is to have a great family!

His hobbies include hunting, camping with the family, and fishing when there's time.  Jan and Kevin were both saved in December of 2001 and though it hasn't always been easy, they wish everyone could experience the joy and fulfillment of the Lord!  Shortly after being baptized, Kevin became the song leader at the small church they were attending and subsequently became the song leader at 2 other churches as they moved.

Kevin looks forward to his journey with Soul Purpose and singing praises for the Lord as part of this family ministry.  Soul Purpose is certainly blessed to have him and we want you all to welcome him in your own special way.  Don't worry y'all, he's very friendly and won't bite, so say hello when you see him!