Ashley Paige

Ashley Paige is also a new addition to Soul Purpose.  As the granddaughter of Don Clapsaddle (Baritone), daughter of former member, Christy Clapsaddle-Burkett, and niece of Misty Clapsaddle (Alto), she is certainly no stranger to Southern Gospel music.  She has grown up listening to her family sing southern gospel music, attended countless group practices and listened to the group's CD's to "learn how".  I guess you could say she has been groomed to sing all of her life and she is not shy to tell you...she LOVES it!

Ashley assists in singing wherever she is needed and allows the group to carry a fifth harmony at times to bring an even tighter harmony sound.  Soul Purpose is happy to have some younger blood in the group and she is thrilled at the opportunity to minister to others.  By the way, she's also the tallest member of the group standing at 6'1" tall!  The guys have to look up at her when they talk to her, and she gets a kick out of teasing them about it.  Heehee!

Ashley is a graduate of Grove City High School where she participated in swing choir (Touch of Class) and marching band as a member of the color guard team.  She currently works as an administrative aide and looks forward to what God holds in store for her future.