Hear What Others Are Saying...

I have had the pleasure of having Soul Purpose Quartet come to my church in concert a few times and each time has been a blessing!  This quartet will minister to each one in attendance with the songs the Lord directs them to sing with heartfelt conviction.  I have scheduled around 65 concerts and Soul Purpose Quartet has become everyone's favorite for their God-given talent and their love for the Lord which is expressed in each song.

Jeff Cline
Calvary Bible Church, Cortland, OH


Soul Purpose Quartet provided a truly uplifting service during our Sunday morning service at Mentor Plains UMC.  We have had many gospel groups visit us during our Sunday morning service, but the Soul Purpose Quartet was just plain outstanding.  They are so eager to spread the word of Jesus Christ and their music shows their desire to reach the people they are singing for and is evident throughout their entire performance.  This group really loves the Lord and anyone that books them to come to their church will be totally satisfied.  We can't wait to have them back sometime in the future.

Don McCoy
Mentor Plains UMC, Mentor Plains, OH


Today, I join your family, friends and neighbors, in celebrating the wonderful work you have done for your community, state and nation. The time and effort you have put toward your performances is to be commended, and I admire the positive influence you have had on everyone around you. On behalf of all Ohioans, I extend my best wishes to you in all your future endeavors!

John B. Kasich, Governor
State of Ohio


On behalf of the citizens of the City of Columbus, we are pleased to welcome and recognize Soul Purpose, a Southern Gospel Angelic Quartet as tribute on Flag Day, June 14, 2013. We acknowledge your contribution for your efforts to make Columbus the best place to live, work and raise a family. We wish you continued success in all future endeavors.

Michael B. Coleman, Mayor
City of Columbus, Ohio

I received the project “Heaven Is Mine”.  ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  Absolutely just wonderful!  It’s really put together well.  It’s good quality.  It’s just a delightful CD and the cover is beautiful!  The music itself is AWESOME!  We will be using some of the music from this project.  I do appreciate you and God bless you!

Pastor Steve Robinette, Owner
WVSG Radio
Chapmanville, WV


I received your CD in the mail today and I have a couple of words to say…WOW!  You guys are VERY anointed!  It would be a pleasure to add Soul Purpose to our playlist.  Welcome to the Tri-State Gospel Hour (3:00 p.m. EST each Sunday) on WEMM 107.9FM Radio in Huntington, WV!

Roberta Hensley, Host
Tri-State Gospel Hour
WEMM 107.9FM – Huntington, WV


The members of Soul Purpose have distinguished themselves as fine vocalists and have brought the joy of musical entertainment to numerous audiences.  An extended family quartet with a traditional southern gospel sound, these fine performers have shared their talents with others and have given generously of their time and abilities to better the world around them.

Throughout long hours of practice and preparation, all those associated with Soul Purpose have exhibited exemplary commitment and discipline and have striven to develop their individual skills.  The members are certainly to be applauded for their endeavors to impart the beauty of gospel music to the community, for they have enhanced the lives of those they have touched with this universal language.

William Batchelder, Speaker of the House
Cheryl Grossman, House Representative (23rd District)
State of Ohio


Soul Purpose, through their contributions to the cultural and artistic character of our nation, have helped to promote love of God and country and made Central Ohio a better, more beautiful place to live. I think it is wonderful that they have chosen to share their talents with their neighbors. By sharing their gifts, they have helped spread Christian charity and some of the core values that we treasure as Americans.

Communities are what their citizens make of them. Through their music and good works they have promoted a more open and expressive Central Ohio.

Steve Stivers, Congressman
State of Ohio


...They truly have a gift in music and more importantly they LOVE the Lord!  It's evident in their singing, but more importantly in their personal lives!  Anyone can get on stage and act and sing... but they don't have to act... the words and the music come straight from their heart and their soul!  They don't just sing it... they walk it and talk it!

As a music director, I have brought in many groups who sing just because they've got the talent... there are so few who sing because they want to give glory and edification to the Lord... and have the talent as well! If you want that kind of worship in your church service... then Soul Purpose is your group!  I assure you, you won't be let down!

Michelle Belcher
Cornerstone Christian Church, Grove City, OH


I would like to recommend Soul Purpose Quartet for your southern gospel entertainment.

I have been the pastor for this group for nearly 20 years and I can vouch for their integrity and commitment.

Soul Purpose has been a blessing to our congregation over these years during Sunday morning specials, as well as special productions.  For the last two years they have brought to our church great groups to sing with them in the “An Evening of Southern Gospel Music” series.  Groups like the Dove Brothers, Soul’d Out Quartet, and the Triumphant Quartet.

Soul Purpose is a professional group with a lot of spirit.  I know they will be a blessing to your church.

Dr. Jerry L. Neal, Senior Minister, First Baptist Church
Grove City, OH


Soul Purpose is a southern gospel singing group with a great sound and a great message.  They have been a blessing to many churches with their music, but are still very active in their home churches.

You can tell a lot about a gospel singer by what they do on the Sundays they don’t sing.  You will always find them in church, praising the Lord and supporting their pastor.  They truly live what they sing.

Musically, they are tremendous.  They have a family blend and an excitement that is very contagious.

I highly recommend Soul Purpose for any great southern gospel music event.

Bryan Corbett, Minister of Worship, First Baptist Church
Grove City, OH


The compliments were many and often.  The way the people came to me and into the church you would have thought we "sold out" Ohio Stadium.  It has been unbelievable.  You guys were a hit and all want you back!  The church secretary said, "Sunday's concert has been the talk of the week."  It truly was great.  The spirit was definitely felt in the room.  We have decided to have many more of these concerts.  Thanks!

Dave P.
Marion, OH