Jim Barrett

Jim Barrett is the lead singer and all around storyteller of the group.  He may seem a little quiet at first, but get him talkin' about "home" or the days when he sang long ago and you'll be laughin' in no time!  Jim enjoys many hobbies including playing the piano, caring for a host of pets (6 dogs, countless numbers of cats, 1 donkey, 1 miniature horse, 5 ducklings and Heaven knows how many other little critters), sipping milkshakes from Arby's, and Cheesesteaks from Charley's Grilled Subs.  It has been rumored that Jim plans to open a pet resort from his home, but this has not been confirmed - ha! ha!

Jim and his lovely wife, Glenna have one son, Dusty (tenor singer for Soul'd Out Quartet) and a beautiful daughter, Melissa who also sings, but not professionally.  Needless to say, he and Glenna feel very blessed.  He is the proud grandfather of four adorable grandchildren - Stacey, Kate, Anna and Camden.  As we have gotten to know Jim, we have found the similarities in our families are uncanny - so much that Don is starting to call Jim his TWIN!  What do you think?

Seriously though, Jim is definitely a man of integrity.  His devotion to the Lord is evidenced through his service on the board of his home church in Greenfield, Ohio as well as through Soul Purpose.  Jim handles the majority of the setup, tear down and sound needs for the group (which everyone knows is the most difficult job of all!)  His voice has a beautiful richness to it that has been compared to gospel greats such as Rusty Goodman and Danny Gaither.  What a blessing!