"What He Was Dying To Say" continues to climb Christian Radio charts across the nation!

As we considered what song we should release to radio, we prayed for direction and sought Godly wisdom from friends in the industry, and it was confirmed that this great song, "What He Was Dying To Say," written by Bill Burns, was perfect to release at this time.  With all the turmoil we see every day in the news, it is SO important to share with the world a message of love.  We must continue to share who Christ is, what He came to do and what He was trying to tell us through His sacrifice on the cross.  We wanted to share that forgiveness, mercy and grace are STILL available to all who will receive it through Jesus Christ our Lord!  Praise GOD!  "It was not three old rusty nails that kept Him hanging there."  Thank you, God!  Rather, it was His immense love for each of us that kept Him there on that old rugged cross!  He still LOVES!  He still FORGIVES!  He still SAVES!

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