Don Clapsaddle

Don Clapsaddle is the baritone singer for Soul Purpose.  He began his music ministry after marrying his lovely wife, Judy back in 1966.  (Wasn't Moses president then?? - just kidding!)  In fact, many of their dates were filled with going to gospel sings!  Praise the Lord for a Christian foundation!  Don and Judy have two daughters, Misty (who also sings with the group) and Christy who is retired from the group.

In 1972, Don and Judy formed a group, along with Judy's cousin, called The Sounds of Joy, which sang in the tri-state area around Ohio.  Soon thereafter, Judy's cousin relocated which allowed their daughters to become part of the group and the rest is history.  Needless to say, Don beams with love for the Lord and no, it's not the reflection of the lights off of his forehead.  He's just letting his little light shine!

Truly though, Don is rooted strongly in the Word and dedicated to the ministry of the Gospel to all ages.  Over the years he has served in many capacities on the church board ranging from Deacon to Daycare Board President.  However, he considers his service with Soul Purpose his passion.

Although Don is retired from the insurance and banking industry, he certainly doesn't take it easy.  In fact, if you have been to any "Evening of Southern Gospel Music" concert sponsored by Soul Purpose, then you know how hard Don has worked to be sure the group promotes only the BEST in Southern Gospel Music.  His contribution to promoting gospel music is to be commended.  Each concert, he secures the groups offered and promotional signage, prints each individual ticket, flyer and program, prepares the church (including making sure our patrons who require special assistance are honored with front seats to the concerts - if desired) and meets the specific needs of the individual groups hosted by Soul Purpose.  We are SO blessed to have him!